absmiddle Win95 為什麼叫 95?

[版主] 此篇由 www.cs.bgu.ac.il:80/~omri/Humor/ 取得. Top 12 Things People Think the '95' in 'Windows95' Really Stands For 12. The required number of megabytes of RAM to run at useable speed. 11. The percentage that will be complete on the shipping date. 10. The number of floppies it will ship in. 9. The percentage of people who will have to upgrade their hardware. 8. The number of megabytes of hard disk space required. 7. The number of pages in the *EASY-INSTALL* version of the manual. 6. The percentage of existing windoze programs that won't run in the new OS. 5. The number of minutes to install. 4. The number of calls to tech support before you can get it to run. 3. The number of people who will actually PAY for the upgrade. 2. The number of MHz required for the OS to run. 1. The year it was due to ship. from the Cyberscope section in Newsweek, 10/31/94 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Did you know that Microsoft Word 6.0 suggests "jingoish" as the correct spelling of "Gingrich?" Hey, maybe MS Word isn`t so bad after all! :) ----Richard J. Renomeron-------------------renomero@ece.rutgers.edu---- Other Additions: ◆The number of seconds before it crashes. ◆Bill Gates' age when it ships. ◆Microsoft never told you what century!! ◆The number of ships for shipping it. ◆The millions of women who will be alone while their partners have opened the 'Windows'. ◆The number of minutes to 'kill' the hard drive. ◆The number of microsoft support staff that "WON'T" need extreme counselling... ◆The percentage turnover rate for staff. ◆The number of days until Gates tries to sell you a newer OS. ◆The 95 stands for average CPH : Crash Per Hour.