absmiddle SB 16 / AWE32 全雙工新驅動程式

[解說] [版主] sbw95up 看日期抓最新版 JEROME@bbs.csie.nctu (JJ): 剛剛去看一下 www.creaf.com ,6月4日似乎有一個 新的 driver for SB16/AWE32 Update Driver 見 http://www.ctlsg.creaf.com/wwwnew/town/whatsnew.html 剛剛把它抓回來了,放在下面的地方,有興趣or 有需要的大哥大姐,請自行去 D/L /pub/win95/driver/sbw95up.exe /upload/win95/sbw95up.exe UPDATING SOUND BLASTER 16/AWE32 DRIVERS FOR WINDOWS 95 ====================================================== This package supports Sound Blaster 16, Sound Blaster 16 Value, Sound Blaster 16 PnP and Advanced Wave Effects Synthesis for AWE32 from Creative Technology Ltd. SDR-95UPD-1-US Revision 3: 1. Provides an executable driver update program, upddrv95.exe. The upddrv95.exe and upddrv95.inf should be in pair and it should be together with all the new drivers. 2. Resolves a problem when an AWE device is removed from the Device Manager when 2 AWE cards are installed. 3. Prevents Device Manager from reporting that the AWE device requires manual configuration even though the device is working properly. 4. Resolves a installation problem of DirectSound Demo CD Odysse. 5. Fixes FM music cannot be heard problem on CT3980 card.