absmiddle Csusme32 出槌

[問題] yk8372@ms11.hinet.net (不會發光的螢火虫): 最近開機後就會出現 Csusem32 程式有問題, 那裡出問題了? 又該如何處理? [解答] DSTUDIO.bbs@vlsi1.iie.ncku (怪博士黃大丙): Csusem32 是 CleanSweep 的 Install Moniter 他會放在 "啟動" 底下, 每次開 Win95 就 Run 所以你只要把他從啟動移掉就不會再有錯誤訊息. 若是要把它修好的話, 重裝 CleanSweep 比較快啦...^_^ 或是用 ARCHIE 找 cspat203.exe Patch for CleanSweep 95 Versions Dated 09/22/95, 11/16/95 or 1/19/96 ==================================================================== NOTE: This patch will only update US Versions of CleanSweep 95! If you are using a European version of CleanSweep, please contact Quarterdeck International at the address at the end of this document. This patchfile implements fixes to the CleanSweep 95 versions dated 09/22/95, 11/16/95 or 1/19/96. If the SIREN.WAV file located in your CleanSweep directory has a date other than 09/22/95, 11/16/95 or 1/19/96, you should not use this patch. The patchfile will update your copy of CleanSweep 95 to the version dated 2/23/96. 看看那日期吧! 若是早先的板本試試這個 Patch 看看.