absmiddle DirectDraw 說明

What is DirectDraw DirectDraw is essentially a video memory manager. Its most important capability is to allow the programmer to store and manipulate bitmaps directly in video memory. It lets you take advantage of the video hardware's blitter to blit these bitmaps within video memory. Being able to blit from video memory to video memory using the video hardware's blitter is much faster than blitting from system memory to video memory. This is especially true with today's 64 bit video cards that provide a 64 bit data path within video memory. Also, the hardware blit operates independently of the CPU and therefore frees up the CPU to continue working. Additionally, DirectDraw supports other hardware acceleration features of the video card, such as hardware support for sprites and z-buffering. DirectDraw 1.0 is currently available for Windows 95 and will be available for Windows NT this summer.