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[解說] euphine@hknet.com (J J Jayway): Hope the following message help. Crashes when opening an MPEG file are usually caused by a conflict between your PC's video display system and the XingMPEG Players video acceleration methods. The most common conflicts are: - Your video board has insufficient memory to handle video acceleration at certain display settings; try reducing your display drivers color depth and resolution. - Your video display system does not support Direct Draw overlay surfaces; make sure you have the latest display drivers for your video display system (contact the vendor of your display system). Disabling the XingMPEG Drivers "Use Video Acceleration" feature should elliminate the problem until you can determine the ultimate cause. To disable this feature without opening an MPEG file: edit the xmvideo.ini file located in your XingMPEG Player directory; find the line that indicates "HWAccell=1" and change this line to "HWAccell=0". IMPORTANT NOTE: We are preparing to release an update to the XingMPEG Player 2.x that elliminates the crash on systems that do not support Direct Draw Overlay surfaces. This update should be available by week's end through the regular channels: Product updates and general support information are available electronically via: Compuserve: GO XINGSUPPORT Internet: http://www.xingtech.com/ XingBBS: (805) 473-2680 (modem speed=14.4, 8N1)