absmiddle Xing 3.01 介紹

[解說] [版主] 用 ARCHIE 找 xmp301p n6684117@sparc5.cc.ncku (Usrboy): XingMPEG Driver Eliminated potential audio dropouts when playing VideoCDs. 改善 VCD 聲音中斷的情形 Eliminated potential audio dropouts when playing .DAT files from CD titles 改善 DAT 聲音中斷的情形 Step controls are now fully functional. Eliminated potential video playback slowdown when audio is muted and unmuted. 改善靜音啟動或關閉時,影像慢下來的情形 Audio settings are now maintained during repeat playback, file navigation, and multifile playback. 重複播放,多檔播放時維持聲音設定 Resizing video window during playback no longer causes temporary appearance of bad video data. 播放時改變視窗大小不會出現短暫的不良訊號 XingMPEG Player (XMPLAYER.EXE) Improved compatibility with VideoCD 2.0 titles. 改善 VCD 2.0 的相容性 Eliminated flashing of Windows95 Task Bar that occurrs when the XingMPEG Player is in Bar mode and the Task Bar is set to "auto hide". 改善當 Xing 設定為控制棒時, Win 95工作列的閃爍, 並設為自動隱藏 Eliminated potential problems when the current display driver's resolution is changed on-the-fly. 改善調整顯示解析度時的問題 The color of the XingMPEG Player's controls is now determined by the current Windows95 color scheme. Xing 控制台的顏色改由 Win 95 色盤決定