absmiddle 熱鍵一籮筐

[解說] Augmentin <b7901061@mail.tmc.edu.tw>: VIRTUAL ACCESS的常用 KEYBOARD COMMAND(in Agent's word) VA的用語和Agent不同,以下就以Agent的語法來解釋之 Ctrl+A----save message as B---mark message(just like in agent) Ctrl+B--display address book D---delete message Ctrl+D----delete a range of messages E---reply via E-mail F---switch between proportional and fixed fonts H---switch between showing messages' headers or not I--ignore a thread J--go to group folder(in agent's term) Ctrl+J---go to a specific newsgroup K--keep a message or thread Ctrl+J---keep a range of messages M--write an e-mail N--go to next newsgroup O--go to thread's original message P--go to previous newsgroup R--Reply S--Post Ctrl+V--copy from clipboard Ctrl+C---copy to clipboard W--delete what you have post Ctrl+Z--undo previous action F3--Find and Find again (句點)--collect bodies(if you just receive headers) and follow-up messages Ctrl+Tab--switch between active windows @---uudecode,decode mime,launch url in message +---scroll subject's window up - down Page Up--scroll message's window up Down-- down 其他(Ctrl+)Page Up,(Ctrl+)Page Down,Up,Down,Left,Right,Home,End 各有其作用(最最常用鍵)