absmiddle Designed for Windows 95

[解說] [版主] 94 年的文章 EightCloud.bbs@bbs.csie.nctu(嵐雲): 什麼叫做 "Designed for Windows 95" 的應用軟體? 在 Microsoft 的 定義中, 有下列七個條件, 前四個是所有 AP 必備的,若符合, MS 會給予類似現在 "Windows Compatible" 的 Mark. 1.An application must be a Win32 executable. 也就是現在 Windows 上, 16 bit 的 AP, 不屬於這, 不過 Win32s 的 AP 是符合這個條件的. 2.An app needs UI/shell support, following the User Interface Design Guide. Among other things this means it must: ◆ Use the Chicago "look" as described in the UI Design Guide 4.0. Using system-supplied common dialogs and controls is also highly recommended [3D 的 custom control 吧! 我覺得, Word6.0 就有點類似 Chicago "look", 和已往的 Win3.1 AP 差蠻多的.] ◆ Use the right mouse button for context menus (and not recommended, but not required. ◆ Follow Chicago application setup guidelines to make the app properly visible in the shell. At a minimum, this means that the application must use the registry, not add information to WIN.INI or SYSTEM.INI, and provide complete uninstall capability. [以後將沒有各種 .ini 檔了, 將如同現在的 NT 一將, 使用系統內建的一資料 庫, 來存放各個 AP 的資訊. Windows 95 各種 AP 的外觀, look&feel 應該會 比現在的 Win3.1 更一致吧!] 3.It must run successfully on Windows NT 3.5. If it uses Chicago-only application programming interfaces (APIs), the Chicago-only functionality must degrade gracefully on Windows NT 3.5. [這就是我常說的, Windows 95 的軟體, 大都是 NT 的軟體.若 Windows 95 的 AP 用到了些 NT 上沒有的 API, 也就是 Windows 95 所獨有的, 則這軟體必須要能 "degrade gracefully on Windows NT 3.5" 才能符合 MS 的 "Designed for Windows 95" 的應用軟體.] [版主] 因時稍有更改, 嵐雲兄認為現在應該是指 NT 3.51 4.It must use long filenames. [128 字元的檔名. 不知道能不能用中文字.] The next three requirements apply to those applications that deal with files (those that provide Open and Close options on the File menu). For example, a multimedia title such as Microsoft Encarta or a game such as Microsoft Golf or Doom would not need to follow these three requirements. 5.It must support universal naming convention (UNC) path names. 6.It must have OLE 2.0 container and/or object support and OLE 2.0 drag-and-drop support. [OLE2 是必備的. 我認為在 Cairo 中, OLE2 可以說是最重要的, 比 Win32 API 更重要. 若網友打算靠寫 MS 的程式生活的話, OLE2 要多注意一點.] 7.It needs to support simple mail enabling. That is, it must include a Send or Send Mail command on the File menu. [把 Mail 的東東整合的 AP 堣F. 如此, 你就能把你現在所編輯的檔案, 直接 Mail 給其它人了. 交作業就更方便了.]