Community Server 2007 SP2 發佈

Wednesday, 13 June 2007 00:19 by admin


今天發表了 Community Server 2007 修正第二版,您可以下載從以下網址 store/download center.

注意: 此版本已經包含了 SP1 ,如果您還沒安裝 SP1 ,您不必再安裝他,可以直接升級為SP2,更新完畢後版本號碼應為 3.0.20611.960


  • 更新 Manage Licenses 頁.
  • 更新 GetBodySummary 以便支援特別的 CSS class 取代原本固定的顏色.
  • 更新 User Cache keys 來避免衝突有數字 user names vs userid.
  • 更新 Chameleon 清單控制項不表現於標準的布景主題如果他無任何的項目來聯繫與 NoneTemplate 沒有定義時.
  • 更新 TagCloudBase, InlineTagEditorBase, InlineContentEditor, 和 ContentPart 控制項不表現 class 屬性當class name 為空白時.
  • 新增 ParentSectionID 與 ParentSectionApplicationKey 屬性到 SectionQuery 控制項來支援特別的/取代父部分當查詢的部分使用 Chameleon 控制項.
  • 回復 支援 "觀看個人資料需要認證" 功能.
  • 更新 PreTemplatedPagerBase 到設定為不可見 ( visibility to false )當他沒有任何項目可以顯示時.
  • 修正 格式化 ( markup ) 問題於搜尋頁於訪客的佈景主題.
  • 修正 post view counting 於所有應用程式. Count 現在 只會增加 full post view 除了討論區以外.
  • 修正 無關的結合 div 標誌於 Traveler blog 佈景主題.
  • 改正 markup issue on Simple blog 的佈景主題 post.aspx 頁.
  • 更新 Thread that the user is monitoring was modified, and Forum that the user is monitoring was modified email templates.
  • 新增 支援TruncateQueryFiltersAt, QueryFilterTruncationEllipsisText/ResourceName/ResourceFile 屬性於 SearchForm 控制項.
  • 更新 TagBreadCrumb 控制項 to always honor ShowAllTags property.
  • 修正 一些 CSS 格式化問題於電子郵件在 gmail 搭配 IE7.
  • 增加 支援 EnableFileDateVersioning 屬性在 Script 與 Style 控制項.
  • 增加 Rss LinkTo 選項到 File Gallery GroupData 控制項.
  • 改正 ApplicationType-based queries for tags in the File Gallery TagCloud 控制項 to retrieve tags for FileGallery instead of Weblogs.
  • 更新 logic for the RssComments LinkTo 值 of GalleryPostData to match the display conditions of the related feed.
  • Added support for GroupID in ForumThreadQueries.
  • 密碼移除從 create user email except for situations where the password was generated by Community Server.
  • 更新 GroupID query support in forums to include sub-forums.
  • 新增 check to not render post tag editable lists when there are no tags to render and the control is not editable.
  • Forum post objects are now more fully populated when creating/editing them.

Bug Fixes:

  • 修正 遺失 row ids, which cause the photos posteditcontrol to break if a user disables trackbacks or ratings for a gallery.
  • 移除這是測試版警告訊息於首頁 welcome 內文部分.
  • 修改 TinyMCE 編輯器問題於 IE6 在 Windows 2000/Windows XP (pre-SP2)
  • ForumPostAnswerToggleButton - 改正 check to enable thread starters to toggle answer statuses (updated logic to match Visible property)
  • Sub forms now fire after committing the new user to the database in the CreateUserForm
  • Aggregate Post Size in the Blog Presentation Settings now works
  • Corrected issue preventing scored blog posts from being paged.
  • Removed requirement to identify whether a URL contains a querystring when calling FormatUrlWithUserNameToken.  This also corrects issues where the querystring flag was incorrectly set.
  • InviteUserForm now has IsValid check performed on SubForms before committing invitation.
  • Corrected over-paging issue in the ScrollingPager control when GroupedItemsPerPage > 1.
  • Report Abuse no longer displays exception whenever a registered user reports a post as being abusive.
  • Corrected constant redirection when clicking the latest post link and viewing in threaded view.
  • Update to moderation form change -- corrected JavaScript/AJAX error in FF and correct premature redirection to the main moderation page.
  • 修正 "# of moderated posts" calculation in Weblog Create/Update/Delete sprocs
  • 修正 ThemeConfigurations class to not blow up when it’s trying to get configurations under a non-web environment (windows services).
  • 修正 the Filter Unread Posts drop down so that it works correctly when applying the changes permanently 
  • Updated JavaScript used by the DefaultButtonTextBox control to properly cancel the keydown event.
  • Rolled Feed Username now is properly Html Decoded.
  • 修正 blog CP comments screen to not lose the feedback formatting when using the bulk publish/unpublish buttons.
  • 修正 delete comment issue on default blog and on lean and green blog theme.
  • Removed invalid JavaScript link around thread status icons
  • 修正 an issue with Users.FindUserByEmail which failed to find users in the aspnet tables who don't yet have a Community Server profile
  • 修正 error caused by an ampersand in a username.
  • JavaScript updated to work in IE and FireFox for ConfirmationPage
  • When threaded viewing a thread that has more than MaximumPostsToDisplay (200) the warning message is now formatted correctly.
  • Corrected downloading PDF in IE6 issue in DownloadEntryForm control
  • Updated improper use of Response.Url in ReturnUrls to instead use CSContext.RawUrl
  • Added check to see if role already assigned to user before trying to assign it.
  • 修正 issue when you use a TextPart with no values inside a blog post, such as "[name]" so that it now returns null when trying to access the value, instead of throwing an exception.
  • Modified MetaBlogExtender CSModule to ignore TextParts with null values.
  • Corrected cache vary-by parameters for avatar caching.
  • Now you can delete a role that was assigned to a permission (global or section) without causing an exception.