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雖然人去不了CSDS ,但 Kevin Harder 有整理給大家看,我順道做點整理

Part 1:
現場展示了 Enterprise Reporting 和 Graffiti (還沒研究這到底的功能)
Theming Community Server 介紹 ( 包含賣Professional Community Server Themes 書)
 e-commerce add-on for Community Server

Part 2:
upcoming Chameleon/Theme changes in CS 2008

  • QueryOverrides Extensions: Query 擴充與讀取資料從XML檔
  • LinkTo Logic improvements

Enterprise Reporting & demo
File Galleries and Photo Galleries 合併為 Media Gallery
user interface improved , 可自訂的 widgets, plugable viewers for various file types, 大改變 Control Panel UI
CS will support OpenID , virtualization and user-selectable themes 移除以便簡化 API and UI
Feed Reader Reader application will not be included in CS 2008

Part 3:
CS Modules , CS Spam Rules
Telligent Tasks
Scott acknowledges we need much better documentation around events and some of the other technical details about extending CS
you can remove the HTML Scrubber CS Module if you trust the people writing posts on your CS site not to put nasty stuff in the post

Part 1: http://kevinharder.com/blog/archive/2007/10/20/live-blogging-the-csdc.aspx
Part 2: http://kevinharder.com/blog/archive/2007/10/21/live-blogging-the-csdc-part-2.aspx
Part 3: http://kevinharder.com/blog/archive/2007/10/21/live-blogging-the-csdc-part-3.aspx