SyntaxHighlighter Wrapper CSModule 2.0 in CommunityServer 2008.5

Monday, 18 January 2010 07:41 by admin

At several ago , Serge B. send a mail want release SyntaxHighlighter Wrapper CSModule source code and will help update to dp.SyntaxHighlighter 2.0 .

But many many day ago , I already wrote a CSModule for dp.SyntaxHighlighter 2.0 of this time they a not freeware.But they are freeware now.

I recheck the CSModule and fix backward compatibility , upgrade tiny_mce plugins. Now it release!!

You can use SyntaxHighlighter Wrapper CSModule 2.0 with dp.SyntaxHighlighter 2.x . This CSModule will automatic load CSS and needs Javascipt to do SyntaxHighlighter.


The zip file include :
1. SyntaxHighlighter Wrapper CSModule 2.0
2. SyntaxHighlighter 2.1.364 (October 15 2009)
3. SyntaxHighlighter, TinyMCE et YML ( Modify for CommunityServer )
4. Source Code

Download it :

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